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I just dont understand how he can expect to get money for being arrested?

He was not convicted and its a better safe than sorry situation.

You still have your first amendment rights, no one came to this guys house in the middle of his night and killed his family for having a different opinion. Heck no one informed on him he didnt go to a consentration camp for slave labor or get tortured. He still has his first amendment rights. He could have said what ever he wanted to his son or a stranger 100 yards away and nothign would have happened. It was the getting in the face part that got him arrested. Simple as that. AND HE WASNT CONVICTED OF ANYTHING THIS DOESNT DESERVE TO BE IN THE NEWS

Just get up in a regular joe cops face yelling and telling he is wrong and see if you get arrested. I give you about a 50/50 shot of sleeping in the slammer that night. The courts have held up limited free speach, you arent aloud to say ANYTHING. You cand defame or slander someone, cant yell fire in a crowded movie theather etc. The courts have held up limited free speach to the WBC soldier protestors. They are allowed to protest, just not at the funeral in all states now i think .... or having to get a permit for your rallye or protest has been upheld also. This guy and his kid aint special no matter how much the media hates dick cheney.

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