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Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
its understood that bush was not so good. some hate him. some think he was just not so good. most people can agree with you he was not the best.

what does that have to do with the comments about our current president??
personally i would never say things about our president like the poster did.
its just not right. i dont disagree that he is screwed up. i just would not use "the N word" to show how bad he is. it does not make anyone look smarter.

if you dont agree with the comments, thats ok. counter it with some facts to show that the poster is wrong. countering the posters claim with "bush was no good" is not the way this works. it makes you sound less smart than i know you are. bush is old news come up with anything new, please!

hate bush all you want. you can start a bush sucks ass post like toes did.
he is the past. most people now are talking about the current presidents issues. its time that obama and his party own up to the facts.

our current president has spent quite a bit on his un-winnable war, as well as his welfare state.

if your gonna bitch about spending from bush, you aint got a leg to stand on. that just makes you sound like a hipocrite. give up on the spending rants, till your party gets a clue.
Spending rant? I was merely trying to point out that Obama does not deserve sole responsibility for the lowered credit rating.

And I don't have a party. Both sides long since abandon the center.
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