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Originally Posted by g00fy1 View Post
bash bush all you want, and i do on his spending policies, but you can not dismiss the cold hard facts.

2008 deficit - $460 billion
2009 deficit - $1.41 trillion

the president's budget request for 2010 totaled $3.55 trillion

the u.s. Unfunded liabilities have reached $61.6 trillion. We will never pay this off without drastic cuts in spending.

With all the spin going on about the debt ceiling and budget cuts, nobody in media ever explains the baseline budgeting. If a budget was introduced that froze spending at it's current level, the cbo would score it as a $9.5 trillion cut over 10 years because there is that much automatic increases built in.

If something isn't done soon, this country is toast.

^^^^^^^ this!
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