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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
The reason for the 9/11 attacks was god and the Muslims and the Christians have the same god. So the same god that make christ get tacked on the cross made the muslims blow up the trade towers. Ironic that people are so eager to commemorate his handywork with his symbolism.

Muslims don't believe Christ to be a savior. They don't accept his divinity or the true gospel. They also don't have the same History as Christianity after Ishmael and his mom were cast out by thier dad/husband. They don't believe in the cross. Furthermore, If you actually knew what you were talking about, you would understand that the Muslim faith and the Christian faith are very different. If you believe Stereotypes you'll probably disagree with me. That's ok, because I know my faith, I know the Muslim faith (because I studied it) and I know that they aren't anything close to similar.

The Cross means nothing to Muslims. The Bible means nothing to Muslims. Nice try though.
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