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Speaking of a little some. The commission % is set by the listing agent when a seller lists a house. Anywhere from 3%-9% and at that time is negotiated by the seller and their agent as how to pay the buyers agent. Usually one of two ways: 1. the selling agent and buying agent split the commission. or 2. The selling agents broker (the company they work for) will simply pay a finders fee of $xxx to the buyers agent.

In the end, if you break it down, yes, you are paying through the purchase price of the home, the buyers agents fees. But it is not as if you show up with a buyers agent and now the house costs more.

Oh and with a little research, anyone can do anything, but I still have clients that hire me as their accountant, and I still hire Mechanics to work on my transmission and Papi Grande to close for the tigers.

Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
A buyer's agent doesn't cost you anything? Bullshit. The seller has to pay for that agent out of their side of the deal. That just simply means that they won't take a lower price. So, never think that you get a realtor for free. You ALWAYS pay for their services. It just may not be paid directly from you to them, but you most definitely pay for them. If you spend a little bit of time on your own, you can do ANYTHING a realtor can do. Any decent lawyer will review your contract for a few hundred bucks. WAY cheaper than paying 3-6% commission to an agent. Don't fall for the NAR's advertising lies. Their intent is to make every person on the planet think that real estate is so crazy complex that you have to hire a realtor. It isn't rocket science. Consider how a realtor gets paid. The MORE you pay, the MORE they make. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me. If you are hiring someone to get you a better deal on a house, they should be rewarded for getting you the lowest price, not the highest....
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