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Default No thanks to our dear leader.

Not a brag thread. Gotta post this for the un-willfully unemployed. Im one of the thousands that took a buy-out from one of the big three in 2006. I took it because I was facing lay-offs any way, I could go back to school, I figured I could just get another job. Currently Im in school but could not keep a job for over 3 months. Lay offs, rejection and broken promises of employment have left me broke and working dead-end, low paying jobs for the last 5 years.

Last January I landed a good paying job with benefits and business is good. Today my wife was offered a decent job from another company but passed on it in favor of a huge job promotion and raise from her current employer.

I reserve no credit for Obama or any other politician out there for our success. I credit hard work, divine providence and tenacity for our gain in this recession. Despite the efforts of our dear leader to turn this nation into a business oppressing, big government scene out of George Orwells 1984, we are a capitalist nation that is still, amazingly enough, seeing businesses grow. To the un-willfully unemployed... keep looking, don't be afraid to take that low paying job for now. Things will get better.

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