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big surprise cops or agents dotn like being dissed. I know 20 cases where people were treated like shit for not bending over backwards for a cop. My old roomate from WMU was arrested for "inciting a riot" for simply telling another buddy he didnt have to submit to a breathalizer on the spot. My brother same thing, he was arrested for telling his buddy not to submit to a breathalizer and that he could make the police call his personal doctor and have his physican draw blood or give breathalizer.LOL how the hell do they justify arresting you for knowing the law ???? Anothertime My bro was given the shakedown by police who wanted $400 bond for his buddy last year, my bro paided cash and the police REFUSED to give him a receipt. When he insisted he get a receipt they almost arrested him untill he relented (we suspect they were doctoring the books and keep the difference).

My point? the system atleast worked for this guy .......and his charges were droped .... had dick cheney not been the key figure it would not have made the news. I think a good 10-15% of cops are total dicks and a SS agent being so highprofile i can see their head swelling even more than your local average cop. You can get arrested for looking like a known wanted man ... ME I TRY TO AVOID COPS AND TROUBLE, not to tick them off and test the limits. Guess i am wiser than that old dude who got arrested :tonka:

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