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Originally Posted by benny87 View Post
On my Jims harness. I have a VSS ( don't know if you do) and that reads back into the ECU..

Now I have a switch to ground wire from my harness that I turn on when in 4Low so that it changes shift points. (supposivly) And adjust the VSS control.

But I am wondering if you have a VSS and in 4 low at high speeds instead of seeing 50 MPH. Maybe you are seeing 150....

I could be pulling something completely out of my ass. But seeing how I have a somewhat similar setup.. It might give you a few ideas.
Tom put a switch in for the 4lo. Didn't seem to make any difference. He's double checking that while he has it. Not sure about the VSS...but will do some checking. Shit it can't make it to 15 before shutting down.... No big deal if I have to run it out to Troy again. She likes to go for trailer rides.
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