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Well, I may have things figured out... kinda.

So poking around turning things around, I noticed that there were no less than THREE alignment marks on EACH of the camshaft and oil pump gears. I found the diamond on the camshaft gear, but it still took me several minutes to make out the diamond on the oil pump gear. And yeah, that's what the oil pump gear (and consequently camshaft position sensor) needs to be lined up at. In addition to to all of this, there's a 'dot" on the crankshaft gear that apparently also points to something.

Camshaft sprocket is lined up triangle to triangle

Oil Pump sprocket is lined up diamond to diamond

Crankshaft is keyway up.

I have to wonder if this is explains the MULTITUDE of "my 2.3L has a miss after changing timing belt" that I found while searching the problem, and why no amount of parts seems to fix the problem. Why the hell wouldn't ONE mark do the job?

The crankshaft and the camshaft were in sync from the start, so apparently my oil pump f-up has caused some degree of damage. I can hear some air hissing around the oil fill tube and when I stick my finger over the dipstick hole and tap, the hissing follows the tapping. Rings... great... So much for trying to keep such good care of the engine over the years...

Still have yet to check the oil packs. Though this will likely help things a lot having things actually correct. After all Cylinder #4 was actually killing the timing light when it stumbled. Maybe the added stress of trying to correct itself tweaked the coil pack.

So hopefully when I don't have to clock in at work so much I can get this thing back together and see how long it lasts.

Argh. :annoyed:

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