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Yea, I ran the numbers on a dauntless rebuild. The guy I bought it from (off here) said it came out of a 69 cj that was used as a plow for a school and it had something like 25 k on it. It looks fresh, but yea to get it up and running like cherry(I don't have the darn flywheel) I'm in the ballpark of that crate engine.

I paid a grand for the 225 and will be selling it for $400 as (I can't prove it runs but it looks all original)and 231 for idk $400 (cause it will run if you pour gas down the carb but needs some tuning after sitting for who knows how long) (it has a new starter on it that I paid around $180 for so $400 seems about right) here when I come back around the 1st

The guy said he could build me that 383 within 6 weeks of payment. So that's on my spring purchase list. Should pay him by February and have it by April about the same time as when I will be ready to start installing the drive train.

Not exactly sure how I am going to get it off the semi at this point. Hoping I could ship it with someone that has a hydraulic drop in the rear of the truck. Then I could just use the floor jack I use for moving around other heavy junk.

Yea shooting back and forth between propane. I always talked abut building a rig with it but that avenger looks cool. I have a while to go back and forth before deciding on that.
It is not going to be tbi/efi though(although I did drool over this for a long while Its basically a corvette engine and harness for under 8k. Bit over my justifiable budget, but take a peek at that pretty torque curve. ;).

I have a back yard mechanic degree with over 12 of my personal vehicles under my belt in 1st gen tbi. It's not complicated, the parts are cheap, and the codes work a good amount of the time. I just don't want to find myself in a situation where my IAC starts to act up and it makes me look bad. That was a bad example you can bypass that. Ok the crank sensor. I don't want to find myself stranded on the side of the road cause my crank sensor shut off the engine cause the oil gauge malfunctioned (87 1st gen 3800 Bonneville). It was a pos that I bought for $200 and was a month away from a derby but still.

Anyone ever have a emissions vacuum sensor (has some bs name) go bad? It is the one with the little cover about the size of a quarter that covers a foam filter. If that filter clogs and that sensor goes bad watch out it will cause tons of headaches. The part is like $140 and it is a special order(if they even stock it anymore). There is no way to bypass it and it will bog the engine to the point of stalling. I got a truck for $500 because of it. Had to drive it for 2 weeks with the foot on the floor to get up and move cause the former dealer in Caledonia did not know how to order a part(I go to Berger only now).

Having something I can tune on the side of the road/trail and limp home seems a lot better then being stranded after I pull the engine out of a slurry of mud.
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