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Originally Posted by disturbedsledneck View Post
Sweet build & some good progress
Thanks, I am down to the wire now. I need it done by next Friday, I really need to run it instead of staring at it all dusty and incomplete. It needs some fresh dirt on it.

On a side note I already have a small issue - I had a friend over a bit ago to check the truck out and decided to drive it out of the cave turn it around in the yard and drive it back into the garage. Simple enough right? Not quite, I get out in the yard a ways and start making my turn and all he sudden I am no longer moving and something is grinding pretty bad. My first thought was the pump in the tranny was bad again, but I still have great pressure only gauge. I mess with the t-case shifters and it starts to move again and isn't grinding, which is strange because the grinding seemed to be more towards the front of he truck not right under neath me. Another few feet ant it isn't moving again and the noise is back WTF!! Just as I jump out to see what the he'll is going on my buddy tells me the front shaft is spinning but I am not moving, which doesn't make sense because both hubs are locked in, I looked at the drivers hub and notice it has unlocked on it's own, great. I lock it back in and figure that I must have forgotten to engage the passenger side hub. The noise is gone and I am back moving again so I pull it back in the garage and shut it off. I then look to see if I ever engaged the right side lockout, imagine my surprise when it is still fully engaged. FML

Moral of the story: My brand new milemarker SS hubs are broken. They have about 200 feet on them in a wide sweeping turn at idle on 28" rollers in grass on flat ground. Sucks but shouldn't be hard to get them warranteed since they guy that was at my house is the manager at the store I bought the hubs at.
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