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My fingures felt like typing, so Ill post this if you go with EFI, these are some tuners I have used with good outcome.

If your gonna go EFI, and also do some engine work, your gonna need a tuner.
There are a couple good EFI tuners with a fairly easy learning curve. One of The easiest is probally the Anderson PMS.

The PMS which is a piggyback tie-in ecu that is capable of being swicthed to standalone, And alos has unlimeted capabilitys and is easy to use with a handheld control.
Check out my videos on it: or

Another good tuner is the Tweecer R/T which is a chip that is installed into your ecu, then connects by cable to your laptop, were you can tune it with a special software. You can adjust any parimeter in the ecu from timing to fuel, shift points, you name it. But has a steeper learning curve. You can download the software and check it out.

There is another simalar type setup that involes a chip, and does all the same stuff but is said to be even better. Its called the moates-quartehorse. Bothe of these are live chips, which means you can make adjustments on the fly, unlike a burnt chip. They also can have a switch with from 3-5 settings with all diff' tunes you can change on the fly.

A popular software for the Moates-quarterhorse is: This software can be used with both the tweecer and the quarterhorse.
Another option, is the full standalone well know as the Megasquirt. Check them out at or google megasquirt.
There are many more options out there for the ford EECV, but they are the most know for there price, and options.
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