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Default Having second thoughts about engine

Right now the my 69 cj5 has a 231/t-14/d18. It is almost completely stock except for the 231. In the shed I have a 69 225 dauntless with 25k on it (that's what the guy that I bought it from on here said anyway). The engine looks fresh through out and after dropping around a grand into an new intake/holly avenger carb it seems like a great way to go.

I have a low ratio t-18 for behind the engine that has been rebuilt with the stubby shaft already to go. I plan on rebuilding/using my small hole Dana 18 and slapping in a warn overdrive. Some tom woods 22" stroke drive shafts will feed into a set of ps drop 87 Toyota fj 62 axles that will retain the factory 4.11. The axles will get rebuilt and house some long fields. I might even use the ruff stuff housings if "Dan" will ever get back to me about shortening the 66" length to stock 60/58. I plan on running 35" MTR's for the tires on some 17 inch wheels that will leave some room for over sized calipers/disks.

I am building this jeep to keep. I know people say that all the time but I am rather pig headed about this jeep (and am dumping roughly 13 k into it) making the body rust proof by using hdpe that encases most of the steel, adding a cage that will survive a multiple roll as well as a side impact, reinforcing the frame for years of twist free fun. I am making this thing as "hey watch this" proof as possible. And in the event of a big time screw up I have designed everything to be easily rebuild able.

I am using a carb instead of efi for the simple fact that I may not be able to find parts for "bob's easy efi" in 10 years.

The issue that I have is that I can not find any parts for this dang 225. I understand that the flywheel is bomb proof and in stock form the engine puts out respectable numbers. But, when looking for the basics I am finding myself a bit flustered. I can not find heads, intake, balancers, rebuild kits are vague in there parts description.

The simple question keeps running through my head.
What happens if I grenade this thing? It seems if the parts are hard to find now they will seem all but impossible to find later. Jeep has the 3.7 that is really close in size/performance. I guess that would be a option but a expensive one.

Another thing is that no one makes a 225 crate engine. I understand the engine is pushed to the limits but no one even makes a stock form replacement.

So, I am leaning towards a 383 crate. It is going to be a 5.7 no mater what I wont use any other engine.

For roughly 4k I could have a "new" 383 that I would not have any issue finding parts for. Get some MORE mounts that I have seen locate a 5.7 to the drivers side nicely.

I could see myself dumping 4k into the dauntless freshening up the rings/ heads/ switching out a intake/ getting the flywheel/adding a avenger upgrading the distributor and making sure the entire thing was balanced.

I am looking for a voice of reason here. Is it worth keeping the dauntless or should I just cut my losses and drop in a 383?
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