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Originally Posted by fsumotorhead View Post
Sound like an issue i had with my '93.

After weeks of searching, it wasn't getting a good ground under the ignition module, it had a slight amout of buildup.

something to check anyway
Will check that.

Originally Posted by bdd1469 View Post
I would guess that cyl. With only 70psi is ONE of your biggest problems,seems awful low to me.
That was cylinder #3, which had the spark plug part way out.

Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
did you shoot a little oil in the cylinder that gave you 70Psi? and if so did it come up at all?
Squirted no oil in it. I could try that this weekend.

Originally Posted by madscience View Post
as far as the "bucking" goes, (dumb question) have you checked all your engine/tranny mounts?
Nope, but it's not really a bounce or anything (had an engine mount go on my friends j-10). It's a hard jolt, it'll jerk the truck back and forth and I can hear the rear end clunk (which I have a brand new axle ready to be put together because this one is worn out). I mean it bucks like you let the clutch out too quick and the engine somehow didn't stall.

The CEL will also flash.

Originally Posted by littletrucker View Post
All those cylinder compression specs seem pretty low, even the 90's
That was my thought too, which makes me suspect there is some degree of mechanical damage, BUT the truck ran and drove up to the point of me taking it apart to check the timing, so i'd like to track down the other issue(s) first.

Originally Posted by frdboy View Post
X3, that engine should crank at least 150ish. Might want to try a different gauge to be sure but 90 is waaaaay low
I've had the other gage idea suggested before. I also thought it odd that if it was wear or damage that all 3 be exactly 90psi across the board.

Edit: oh, and the truck has just over 200,000 miles on it. And we've been really good about oil changes and it's had engine flush every change since it was new, or really since we got it with 9,000 miles on it (early return lease).

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