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i dont think we need to let hardened criminals out early for people who were in possession for possesion of marijuana. That is so dumb i cant believe we do it, FINE its illegal fukc up someones record, tether them, make them jump through some hoops, sieze their car etc.... Do stuff like that, not waste jail space! Jail space is far too expensive at $40,000 per year for someone who isn't a dealer, and hasnt committed a violent crime. Either that or we need to start executing violent and all life sentance people right after the gavel falls .... there isn't room. Someone has to go.

I also think it should be legalized. It should be taxed, regulated, and controlled just like alcohol or tabacco and you can get weed with out it being laced, and have common brands that you like with a known quality you can enjoy.

I dont know why you can be convited of drive drunk like 20 times and be convicted of driving with out a license and not get 20 years in jail but a guy can drive sober and go to jail for gettting pulled over and have a dime bag on him. Weird, the law is so disproportionate.

Plus i know they dont care about the general health of the population cause we give well fare folks money and they can spend it on drugs, and the gubb'ment wont make them take regular drugs tests.

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