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Originally Posted by Sandals
My Whole Viewpoint.......

Marijuana is a naturally Growing plant, just like tobacco. And is used in the exact same fashion. You pick theleaves, dry them, smoke them, not too hard.
Sandals what kind of hippie are you? Smoking Marijuana leaves does nothing except lead to a headache and bad cough... Pick and dry the buds or flower of the plant and woohoo cloud nine here you come.

I am some what torn on the legalization of pot or any drugs.
If the govt. leagalizes pot it would free up room in jails for real criminals but, US citizens are already fat and lazy enough. Taxes would make the govt money but not as much money as they make on court costs and fines from arrests for posession and distribution. In a way I would like to see it happen but I wouldn't go out and start getting high just because I could without it being Illegal. Oh and even if it was legal the police can give you an OUID if you appear high while driving but Marijuana stays in your systerm for 14-28 days depending on body-fat percentage and metabolism; so If you got high and 2 weekis later you crashed your car, you can or could be giiven an OUID which is a Felony. So legal or not the Government still would have a way to bend yopu over.
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