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Originally Posted by DaveKerwin
MJ changes behavior in a far greater fashion than tobacco. If it were legalized, then we would have more idiots than we have now. And yes, it IS a gateway drug, and I don't care if you have been the exception to the rule. Don't think of yourself in terms of legalizing pot usage, think of our society, our youth, etc. In other words, think bigger than your own need to escape this cruel world. Everyone thought casino gambling was great for Detroit, but it has further damaged our already hurting city. Legalizing pot or any other questionable item would only serve to harm us more as a society. We need LESS reasons for people to become deadbeats, not more.
Gotta agree there.

You look at someone who's smoked tobacco heavily all their life. Negating the effects of actual smoke inhallation, since the bad stuff will also happen from smoking weed, generally, you don't have major changes to someone. Kinda like caffeine: if they don't have it, they get cranky, etc.

You look at a heavy pot user, and the brain is effected.

One guy I used to work with used to be a HEAVY pot smoker. He didn't smoke on the job, which was good since we were operating bulldozers and driving class A trucks, but even so, the guy was f'd from it. He couldn't stand without swaying half the time. He had no memory, etc. Even after he cleaned up, he always seemed to be half-baked.
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