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MJ changes behavior in a far greater fashion than tobacco. If it were legalized, then we would have more idiots than we have now. And yes, it IS a gateway drug, and I don't care if you have been the exception to the rule. Don't think of yourself in terms of legalizing pot usage, think of our society, our youth, etc. In other words, think bigger than your own need to escape this cruel world. Everyone thought casino gambling was great for Detroit, but it has further damaged our already hurting city. Legalizing pot or any other questionable item would only serve to harm us more as a society. We need LESS reasons for people to become deadbeats, not more.

From the website...

1. For example, if a person is already poor and smokes, let's say, an ounce a week, this could total up to between $100 to $500 a month. That's more money than some people spend on cigarettes and everyone knows how expensive that can get. Where does this guy get the money?

2. By banning the use of pot the government is creating more crime, poverty, and suffering, rather than helping the people.
1. Boo Hoo Hoo, I feel terrible for the guy with no job who can't afford to get high, boo hoo hoo. Asking where he can get the money is rediculous, the correct question to ask is where can we get him help to overcome his addiction?

2. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Riiiiiiiiight

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