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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
for the best combination of HP and TQ, look into a 393 or 408 stroker kit. Almost all stroker kits are close to the same price, indepentant of cubic inches. For example a forged 396 kit and a forged 427 kit aren't far off in price. Don't get sucked into thinking the more displacement the better. There is a ton of research out there, here is a descent start

A 408 is planned for my buggy.

I have done both 408 (4" stroke 4.030 bore) and 418's (4.100 stroke), I like the 4" stroke better. I do not like the budget 393 kits as most still use the big 351W (2.3") rod as opposed to the better 2.1" rods in the better kits.

Very little if any block work is needed to fit the 4" deal.

Unless you are planning on over 600 HP or a power adder I would use a good (scat, Eagle) cast crank and some good I-beams, a forged crank is a waste of $$ at that level. Spend the money on good heads and valvetrain, thats where it's needed. 302 parts (heads) on a 408W is gonna make 302 power.

The difference in money is very little if you are comparing it to a stock rebuild that includes turning the crank, adding good bolts to the rods, good pistons and balancing.
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