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Default What do you do when you cause an oil spill offroad?

I don't believe there's anyone on this board who hasn't seen or possibly created an oil spill while offroad, what do you do? Most just walk away like it didn't happen. It's time we all showed a bit of environmental responsibility.

Oil spills from offroad recreationallists has always been a hotbed topic for Environmentalists as it pertains to our recreation. All too often we are blamed, and rightfully so in some cases, for oil spill on land and the subsequent rainbows floating in lakes and rivers near recreational hotspots.

The 21st century brought us a few different variations on cleaning up oil spills. Everyone of these methods involved digging up the contaminated ground and placing it in a bag and carting it out to be disposed of. Well, how many of you know that that bag is classified as a 'Hazardous Material' and CAN NOT be just dumped in your nearest landfil? In fact putting that contaminated bag out in your trash could result in fines in excess of $1000 for improper disposal of a hazardous material.

Just as technology has advanced with our vehicle, so has Oil Spill mitigation. Welcome to the 21st century. And to PeatSorb. A new and suprisingly simple method for eliminating the environmental problems and backlash of cracking your oil pan open on a rock or pealing back a diff cover and dumping your fluid on the ground.

PeatSorb is an Environmentally responsible way to clean up oil spills that keeps you out of harms way so there's no handling the oil and it's great for the environment. There is NO need to pick anything up, NO need to dig up the ground, and NO need to dispose of any hazardous materials after the fact. This fact alone can save you untold fines and court costs.

PeatSorb is simply spread over the oil spill and is allowed to soak up the oil or any hydrocarbon in fact. Stomp on the material and work it into the spill and then WALK AWAY. Thats right, walk away. The PeatSorb will do the rest.

FYI: PeatSorb was used during the Gulf Oil Spill and is used by WEROCK in all their competitions to clean up after themselves. This product has all applicable environmental approvals and is widely recognized as the leading method to clean up oil spills across the country. We're just behind the curve a bit in getting the word out.

More information can be found here on GLFWDA website;

And purchased here;
Or you can contact me at president (at)

Jim Mazzola - kb8ymf
President - UFWDA

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