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Default 93 bronco, 5.8 liter, stalls out. HELP!!!!!!

i have 1993 eddie bauer with an e4od trans, 3.55 gears, 35 inch bfgs, and the cats have been eliminated from the exhaust, the A.I.R. pump has been bypassed (after it froze up three months ago), and all the emissions stuff has been plugged off. it has a new coil, cap, rotor, wires, and plugs. the other day when i left work, it started really really hard. i drove it for a few miles (at 55), and it seemed fine. then when i got to the next stop sign it stalled out and died. it took about 10 or 15 seconds of cranking the engine over for it to start, and when i would go to accelerate, it would try to stall out and die again. i limped it back into town (it stalled out several times over 10 miles) by for the most part not giving it any throttle. the idle rpms would rise to around 15-1800, and then it would fal on it's face, and if it didnt die, it would rev up again, then stall, then rev up again, then stall, etc., until i would gi ve it throttle, in which case, when throttle was given, it would stall out and die. after it ran awhile more, you could give it a miniscule amout of throttle without it killing the motor, and accelereate a hair, but the engine would be rising and dropping the whole time. if you tried to give it more than a pinch of throttle, it would die. also, it would stall out at stops. after it stalled out, it would take alot of cranking to get it started again.

i got it home, and the first thing i did was unplug the mapsensor. this wold make it idle sky high, but it would eventually start to rev up and down again, and as soon as you plugged it back in, it would stall out and die again. so i replaced the sensor (yes, i used the right one, made sure it shared the numbers on the part). this did not help at all. so i tried checking for vaccuum leaks. i found to minor vac line problems, one cut, and one closed off (like crushed sort of). i replaced them. now when i start it cold, it runs fine for a minute or two, then after it gets warmed up, it starts doing the same thing again.

i then went through, and cleaned my k&n air filter. no dice, still doing the same thing. i sea foamed the vaccuum system and the throttle body. still doing the same thing. i added gas to the tank (5 gallons), made sure it had enough. still no change. none of the local parts stores have an obd1 reader so i can check it, I'm stumped.

more things i've already replaced : Iac, fuel filter,

p.s. the check engine light would only come on when i would go through and unplug sensors, or directly before it would die. this is my dd, so i need to get it back up and running soon! thanks for any input you may have!

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