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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
If it were me, I'd loose the windshield and that would be about it. Cafe's aren't my favorite but I'd go with that, if anything different.
This one doesn't have a windshield, but has more stupid crap on the back, like queen seat back or whatever you want to call it.

Originally Posted by osteologation View Post
I've had 2 of those. Fun and they love to rev but are not fast.

If its been sitting any length of time it'll probably need a water pump seal, and the funky non automotive coolant. And if the coil ever goes out, its hard to find a good used one and the remans are really$$ plus its sucks ass to change. My second one I got for free and had to change all that stuff. Its fine if you don't mind wrenching.

good site for more info.

Some people really likes those cx's I'd say if it runs I"d sell it and buy something a little easier to get parts for.
It's not my bike to sell. I guess I should have said I'm more or less going to try and see if it will run, but if it does, I would be looking into changing the appearance. I have no real plans of getting deep into riding like going on biker trips or hang outs or any of that BS, just use this for back and forth to work on nice days and maybe long trips where I won't have to carry anything.

Speed is no concern, and wrenching is always fun. So long as it has a chance of running and isn't going to cost me a lot, I'm going to try and ride it.
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