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Originally Posted by Rebel2345 View Post
So a long time ago, I mentioned I had an older Honda 600 in the barn that I wanted to do something with. Well I finally got the go ahead from my brother-in-law, since he realized he would never get it out and do anything with it.

So I went and got it out of the back of the barn, and my mistake, its a 1979 Honda CX500.

So it basicly looks like this, minus the gay windshield.

Not sure if anyone's else is familiar with what people have done to make these look less gay, but I'm gonna find a way to do it.

There are Cafe bikes, like this.

And then there are Bobbers, which I'm more of a fan of. But I'm not sure it will be easy to pull off a good looking bobber with this bike without putting a shit load of money into changing the tank, stance, frame, and all that.

Not so great looking -

Better, but a lot of work.

Same bike as above, but without the rake.

What do you guys think?
I've had 2 of those. Fun and they love to rev but are not fast.

If its been sitting any length of time it'll probably need a water pump seal, and the funky non automotive coolant. And if the coil ever goes out, its hard to find a good used one and the remans are really$$ plus its sucks ass to change. My second one I got for free and had to change all that stuff. Its fine if you don't mind wrenching.

good site for more info.

Some people really likes those cx's I'd say if it runs I"d sell it and buy something a little easier to get parts for.
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