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Originally Posted by seadooxpguy View Post
No, I took it in Ithaca just south of me here in central MI, but I am sure they MSF classes all spec the same bikes, there were a ton of Suzukis (8 of 12) at my class, 2 TW200, and some older Honda and another older dual sport.

The big knobby tires and higher seat height made my riding super fun and the bike was a blast. It was a great bike to learn the basics on, and now I want one. The instructors even mentioned to me that the Yamaha was the easiest bike to ride the slow stuff on, plus I have a ton of mountain bike experience so I didn't even have to lean to the the figure 8, and I had a couple feet to spare on each side, the box could have been smaller.
Wow, I couldn't stay completely in the box. Even on the test. I thought it would be easier on those. The record for the longest time in the "Friction zones" for our range was set on one of those. 18 seconds. Friction zones being the white lines in the middle of the course they used multiple times.

Originally Posted by dreezy View Post
Wow, somebody that can actually cram more shit on to a little bike than you.
I Laughed. I really did.

Originally Posted by Rebel2345 View Post
So a long time ago, I mentioned I had an older Honda 600 in the barn that I wanted to do something with. Well I finally got the go ahead from my brother-in-law, ..........................

What do you guys think?
If it were me, I'd loose the windshield and that would be about it. Cafe's aren't my favorite but I'd go with that, if anything different.
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