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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler View Post
They are all a bunch of idiots. I have no respect for motorcycle assholes riding like that. Not that the guy in the truck was any better, but passing on a double yellow like that is insane.
agree. Both were in the wrong, but the bikers will jump to the side of the biker every time, which just shows how retarded and closedminded many of them can be.

Originally Posted by booblinker View Post
Maybe its different elsewhere, but around here bikers are way more curtious then people in cars, and very rarely do i ever see a biker weave, or cut people off, I mean come on you are full of shit if you say motorcylists cut you off all the time, someone with no protection around their body is going to cut cars off?
you are out of your mind. You ride motorcycles, so it is no surprise this is your stance, I don't doubt that most of the time you ride 100% with in the letter of the law, I mean, you strike me as a pussy, so I figure you would, but to say that people on bikes are more courteous than the cars around here? hahaha, what roads are you traveling?

Actually the first thing I thought of when I watched this video was you in your little focus in a snow storm being scared someone who wasn't even doing the speedlimit was gonna pass you.
Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
Umm... Do you drive with your eyes closed? From my experiences, a lot (not all) of drive like they own the place and everybody should pull over and stop when they are on the road. I respect the crap out of fellow drivers but there are a lot of motorcyclist that need to have their licenses revoked. I also realize that there are responsible riders out there and a few can ruin the reputation for all.
He rides, so he immediately jumps to the biker side of the argument.

Originally Posted by Icemanii View Post
As stated, you can pass in KY, where this happened, on a double yellow in some circumstances. I can't tell that they are going 60-65, doubt you really can tell either Bruce. And the truck was endangering more people than the bike.

As for the people living there, yes, they probably do get tired of it. Just like Ohio 505 for example. However, trying to kill someone over it doesn't work.

Truck driver was in the wrong, period.
The truck driver was in the wrong no doubt, but so was the bike. They both endangered lives, neither more or less than the other.
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