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Originally Posted by WantaBronco View Post
yea I do want to lift think I should do SAS rather than lift a ttb right?
So what I'm thinkin I should do is get one from the 3rd or 4th generations with a 351 and do a SAS then lift it... does that sound like a good plan? ... its kind if what I've put together from what you all have said...
Really depends on the intended use. You are going to be DD'ing this so tire wear would be a huge concern and unless you plan on running high speeds offroad you would be better suited with a SAS than TTB. Lifting a TTB can result in bad front end geometry (most off the shelf lift kits don't get it right) and badly worn tires. With the cost of new tires skyrocketing my opinion is to do the SAS and be done with it. A D44 solid front isn't any stronger than the TTB 44 as far as wheel joints and shafts are concerned, but the major benefit is the simplicity of the solid axle and its relatively easy set-up.

My ranger with the a 4" skyjacker TTB lift worn a half inch off the outside edge of my new LTB's (31x11.5-15) in less than 1000 miles. The lift was installed per the instructions, all new springs and ball joints were also installed and I had it aligned twice at a local tire shop and still had the tire wear issue.
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