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[QUOTE]I don't see the bending moment of 1", especially 0.060" wall (even in chrome-moly DOM) taking the punishment. Plus, the thin wall will be succeptable to denting.

And, of course, 1" tube for an exo would be asthetically disgusting.[/

uh, yea. but that isnt what i said.

i was reffering to material application and only trying to make the point that you dont have to use one kind of tubing for the whole cage. you can usually save some money by tuning the structure thats all.

maybe my statement was miss leading from the stand point that alot exos just tie to the uni body and have zero interior members.

[QUOTE]a good example is an interior member, (meaning interior to the volume of the cage, not necessarily in the vehical) that is in tension with occasional compression would only need to be 1/2 the size and strength of the exterior bars. ive used as little as 1" od .060 mild hrew in those locations without failure. BUT, you have to use it in the right spot.[/QUOTE]

slight side track here but - ive seen more then one where the bars just fold and push in the body panels, so using heavy exterior material is a must but with no interior members it will only be effective to a point, granted its the big crunch stuff im talking about not the regular use stuff.
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