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Originally Posted by V8Mustang1967 View Post
Lol i wasnt gonna say anything but since you did... Yeah unless he swapped in the 5.4 (which would be stupid to do) into a 03/04 Cobra it is a 281 4.6liter 4vavle engine. Only runs mid/high 12s stock but with Street ETs and stiffer bushings in the IRS it would be looking at low 12s stock engine..... What is a "Bunch of work" cause if it has bunch of work it wouldnt be looking at 13s. My buddy has a 2004 with "bunch of work" that runs 9s. So do you mean he has bolt ons? Not trying to be a dick but Camaro guys know their place around a Terminator. Get more details.
The bunch of work is mostly in the ifs,trying to make it not break.the only ford small block that ever ran with out a power adder had boss heads on it(boss 351).think rare,exspensive,race motor on the street. The only way the 4.6 runs is boost and they are a huge motor (heads)in a mustang.Ford guys talk all shit in the world,but they all have a blower or turbo or a superduty full of blue bottles to go fast. My chevy has 1 holley,a $600 shortblock,gm heads and runs on 93 octane everyday.I drove it thru the blizzard this winter when my jeep blew up. It's not too often i see a ford pull up next to me and feel threatned,and if i do get beat by a intinidater? I wont feel bad,money made his car fast-I made my car fast.
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