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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
Actually, the way it is gusseted (ony 1/2 way down the tab), one solid pull from the D rings on a 45 degree angle will bend the mounting tabs where the tabs meet the end of the frame

The better way to gusset it would be to move the gussets to the outside part of the frame, and run the gussets the full length of the tab (from the bumper to past where it bolts to the frame. That way, the entire tab will be strong in all 3 dimensions from the point it bolts to the frame all the way to the D ring.
Originally Posted by ultimatehellhound View Post
I'll bet I can pick up the entire back end of the truck with one clevis and nothing will be moving anywhere. Who wants to put some cash on it?
I'll bet I could bend it. Picking up the truck is basically no weight at all compared to pulling on the bumper at a 45 degree (or more) pull during a recovery situation. You are puitting the plate in a perfect shear mode at the end of the frame. Think of how they bend metal in a press, you have the same set-up at the end of the frame. Move your gussets to the outside of the mounting tabs so they go all the way from the bumper to where the bolts go through the frame.

Originally Posted by ultimatehellhound View Post
Care to take a guess on how thick the hitches mounting flanges on your tow rig are?
Trailer hitches are tube, or atleast angle iron where they mount to the frame. You are using flat stock steel. Competely different.

Originally Posted by ultimatehellhound View Post
Ever hear of the superstructure of a bridge?
A bridge is designed to have a load on only one angle
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