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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this posted already but how the hell can I get your attention if not for some outlandish 'draw you in' subject line.

Like the title says, VOTE! You get one vote per IP address per day. So three computers, three votes a day. The contest is going to run another couple weeks so keep up the vote. What's your favorite fourwheeling destination, California or Colorado? There's $5000 up for grabs for the winner. For crying out loud............GO VOTE!
Jim - kb8ymf

EDIT: and NO you aren't expected to have gone to ANY of these trails. This Clubs and Organizations are lobbying for your vote based not on their trail alone, but what they would do with the money to help improve the trail.
This is NOT a vote for the most bad arse trail in North America folks. It's a vote to help clubs and organization improve the trails they have and of course to generate some enthusiasm for the program.
If you're not going to vote because you've never been on the trail.........I'm afraid the list for over 90% of the wheelers / alleged wheelers on this board would be awfully dam short.
BFG is the most supportive major manufacturer when it come to organized fourwheeling. This an advertising program for them as well. They, like all manufacturers want ot get their name out there. What better way than to give clubs money to help improve their trail. Last year winner was D.I. So it IS money that is available for local venues that we all enjoy.

Now pick the dam link and go vote!

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