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Default HOLY CRAP! BIG success that wasn't even looked for!

I just received a call from the H-MNF Baldwin Ranger District.

It seems that they have been reviewing our M37 Project comments for the last couple of months. They believe that we have pointed out some very important facts that they had not considered until now.

They now realize that - YES - they did 'inadvertently' inflate the Project Area, Road Mileage, and Road Densities. They mentioned that they have also never received a 30 page comment to any of their 'road projects' before (and were a bit taken aback, I think). Our comments have brought them to realize (and admit) that:

They really have NO IDEA what it is that the 'full-sized' off-road community desires in a trail system. To rectify the situation, they have asked me to take the District Ranger, Project Leader, and Project Coordinator out on a trail ride to show/ explain to them our desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This isn't just for the M37 Project, this is so they will understand us and begin to work WITH us on future Projects/ Issues!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS the beginning of a G R E A T relationship with the Huron-Manistee National Forest!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm floating on Cloud 9 with my mind going 1,000,000 miles a minute!!!!!!!!


This relationship and knowledge CAN/ WILL expand through the Michigan NFs AND eventually maybe even on over to the DNR, with proper care (and enough time and work)!!!!!!

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