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Originally Posted by DaveKerwin
So when you got o family partie4s, do you get drawn into prayers prayed in Jesus' name? Does anyone guilt you for not being saved? Is there perhaps even an elitist attitude?

Dude, I get frustrated by THE SAME plagues of the christian faith that you do. I am not in support of the super hypocrites out there either. But you have made the mistake of trying to fault God by highlihgting his people's sins. If you want to understand God more, then look to God himself, not public wackos. If you wanted to understand the airline industry, you would look at the balance sheet of american airlines or the ideologies of the CEO, you would not just study planes that crash (which is the equivalent of what you are doing in matter of faith). Believe it or not, some christians out there are bettering the world, loving their neighbors, caring for widows, paying people's mortgages when they lost their job, etc.

Remember, the jerk at your work who womanizes, he is the one who knows how messed up he is , and how badly he needs God. Whether or not he allows God to change him fully is another matter. You see, the sin nature of mankind does not disapprear when one says they believe, they remian sinners, but they receive forgiveness. Sure, the jerk ought to straighten out his life, but he will never be perfect, neither will I, neither will you. You may not have as many overt problems as that guy, but you got problems/sins just like me. The amount of your imperfection does not matter, but the penalty of that sin is what matters.
My parents had 5 kids. 1 of whom became "born again", 2 who still attend Catholic mass almost every weekend, and 2 who don't care much for religion (me being one of them).

If my mom didn't watch my nephew every day, she would go to mass every morning. She has NEVER missed a Sunday mass.

With the thousands of hours she has spent praying, her life has not been the easiest. She credits all of the good things in her life to God, and the bad things as God's will. I credit all her good things in life to working her ass off to make sure we had a good upbringing, and taking responsibility for herself. The bad things are all just shitty luck.

I am not blaming God of anything. How can I place blame on someone/something I'm not even sure exists?

The more I see people use God as an excuse for their laziness/criminal activity, the more I see God as a scapegoat, rather than a reality.

The more I see people give God credit for their successes in life, the more I think about the people who don't believe, yet achieve the same successes. The most logical answer is that everyone has the same possible conclusions in life. Some choose to work hard. Some choose to be lazy. Some have good luck, and some don't. It's that simple.

That's the most logical answer to me. I don't need to spend a few hours every Sunday to try to change my mind. I like the way I think right now.
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