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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler
I disagree here as well. You assume that one religion has been able to secure all the right information. Why is it that most all religions share the same underlying stories through history? Deep down they are all attempting to decipher and understand the same things in this world. This is why they all surround many of the same central themes. Just somewhere in the past someone decided that there absoultely MUST be this all powerful single figure that put all of this together. This was the only theory that could explain what they could not understand so that they felt better about the world. People fear the unknown. By making up this story about some old lovey dovey grandpa looking guy with the power to create the universe, it made them all warm and fuzzy and were no longer "scared of the dark".
I don't see exactly where you disagre. And I disagree with your statment that they are all the same. Can you explain that better? I know there are some commonalities like the idea that God is existant and has a solution for us. But I don't see a likeness to the Christian faith (besides common roots to Judaism).

Lets liken this to our origins. Some say that we evolved, others say we were created. Some even say that God made us, THEN we evolved. But SURELY all three origin accounts cannot all be true at the same time. The underlying reality is that only ONE of them is true. ANYONE would agree to this!! But where we will disagree is the exact method that we came to exist. So... in terms of whether or not God exists, and who he actually is... the same principle is in play. Assuming God is out there, is he the Allah according to Muhammad? Is he God the Father according to Jesus? Is he you according to postmodern teachings? If you are in an agnostic camp, then you know God is out there, but you are not sure WHO he is. Well.. I propose to you that he is not everything, because they disagree with each other. God cannot be Jesus and Buddah at the same time, because Jesus says he is not Buddah. So what is the REAL truth????????????? I believe that if we look at the claim and the result we will know the real truth. And like I said, if you do a thorough investigation, I believe you will be left staring into the empty tomb of Christ.
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