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Originally Posted by artistic_gore

Now I have a question. If god holds everyone accountable for their knowledge and folks in other religions may have never heard of jesus or your god or christianity as a whole then according to my logic these people would be fine in the afterlife. Sure there wouldn't be any pearly gates but no eternal damnation either (limbo maybe). So why must christians send out missionaries to preach the word of god and ensure that these people who have been brought up with other beliefs be eternally damned according to the teachings of your bible. Why even try to make them accept jesus christ as their savior seeing as most would never renounce their known religion for yours? It makes no sense to me.
According to the Bible, there is heaven, and there is hell, no middle place. Jesus has said that he is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no man gets to God the Father unless it is through him. So he is making a very exclusive claim. Like it was discussed before, did he back that claim up?

So Jesus said he is the ONLY way, so what does that mean for people of other faiths? My interpretation is that if they know of Jesus and deny him, then they will not be in Jesus' Kingdom. But if someone never heard of Jesus, then I have no idea what their eternal future would be. The only thing I CAN say in that circumstance is that God is the judge, and he will rule justly. But some adhere to the philosophy that everyone knows who God is, in their heart, not necessarily through spoken word. So it can be confusing, but it should be noted that Jesus has made the requirements both firm and understood. He claimed to be God incarnate, he did some pretty awesome stuff, and he invited everyone to participate, having the ability to gain forgiveness of sins and eternal life, simply by faith. So he is not saying that only a few are invited to the party, he gave an open invite and a loose requirement, but the requirement is not substitutable. Am I rambling yet?
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