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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler
1. I think all religions are bullshit.

2. To me church is a great social outlet that tries to impose moral values on those that can't adopt them themselves.

3. So called Christianity is nothing more than a system of "morals" designed and perpetrated by governments over the centuries as a way to influence citizens to act in certain manners.

4. And Christianity doesn't preach violence?
1. IThats understandable, no hate from me!

2. So by me going to church, I am having morals imposed on me, and I go because I am unable to adpot morals on my own. Got it.

3. "So called" meaning its fake? Ok. So me going to church is me being controlled by the govenrment. Got it.

4. So based on your extensive biblical knowledge, you conclude that christianity preaches violence... riiiiight. I will be the first to admit that stupid stuff has been done inthe name of Jesus, and that christians are messed up at times, but you got this violence thing backwards dude. If you were on top of your game, you would have quoted some questionable O.T. verses. Good try. You might as well have claimed that the westboro church people who have the "God hates fags" signs are actual representatives of the christian faith. That would have been equally laughable.

So you drop a blanket statement saying that I am a person who is controlled by the government, who can't creat morals on my own, and lets church groups impose morals on me. I sound like an idiot who uses my faith as a crutch because i am weak, blah blah blah. Am I making bad conclusions after properly quoting you?
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