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I just don't get the whole thing about the Bible being "the truth" so to speak. The Bible as I understand it was put together by the early leaders of the church from a vast collection of writings that were available at the time. They selected certain works that fit what they believed to be the true word of God. Other works were thrown out and considered to be false writings prepared by "the Devil". This just reeks of manipulation by church leaders (who also basically ran the governments of the time) to influence the less educated citizens to become more civilized and follow the church's moral doctrines. At that time the only people who were somewhat educated in most areas of the world were the church leaders. So by selecting certain works of writing and bundling them into a single book, they could scare the peasants into believing just about anything they wanted and that this book was "the Word of God". I just don't buy it. Some drunk monk probably picked the wrong literary works. The real word of God could have actually said Eat, Drink, and be merry. But, that was in one of the books that never made it past the selection committee.
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