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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler
I look at it this way... If there is an afterlife other than wormfood, great. If not, great. I plan to live me life to the fullest, doing what I can for family, friends, and those in need that I am somehow able to help. That is what the supposed Christian "God" asks of us to do. So, even though I don't believe in the religion, I still agree with the moral values for the most part.
Bro, IF there is an afterlife, then your decision WHILE you are alive is the swinging factor. You can't make important decisions like that after you die, you will be dead! Your decision now is what counts.

Your view of heavenly requirements is a common misconception. Good deeds never got anyone in heaven. It is by faith, not by works. That is why I said that your decision now is what counts, because it is a decision to believe, or not to believe. Surely faith without works is dead, but the faith is the crucial factor.

I know you are likely a good guy, moral guy, etc, most rules/commandments of the Christian faith are wise instruction. But the goal is to move beyond deeds, adn into faith. (to have both, well, according to the bible)
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