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So by having my own opionions and freely sharing them (even if they are somehow off-topic) I am big headed? I don't really follow your chain of logic Dave. Sorta like countering my allegation that your debating methods are flawed by pointing out that my post was OT. Now there's a high quality comeback. If you want to be known as a fairy tale follower, that's fine. I don't disrespect you for it. That is your choice to be able to follow your own beliefs. However, you obviously have no respect for those that don't believe as you do and do not respect my right to not follow the main stream and kneel down before something I don't believe exists. In the end we are all aiming for the same goal here on Earth; to live a good life, treat others with respect, and leave it a little better than when we got here. I just don't believe I have to do so to be rewarded by some big guy in the clouds. My reward is the task itself, not some promised perfect world after death. To me that just sounds like someones way of convincing and bribing people to do the right thing for the wrong reasons. I shouldn't need the promise of some perfect place in heaven in order for me to be benevolent and help others during my lifetime. The reward is the task itself.
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