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Originally Posted by Fraser View Post
Sweet you got that sig off pirate didn't you
Yup!! Saw that last night, after I quit crying from laughter and climbed up off the floor I had to share it in my sig.

Originally Posted by s10v8zach View Post
ive been wating for u to start up on this thing agian. every time i look at this thing i pick up my sawzall and head towards my truck with a evil grin then i remember i dont have a tubing bender or money for tubing o well someday i guess
Sorry it took me so long to give you any new ideas I have had a few "life moments" get in the way in the last few months. This truck was 75 miles from me from Sept '10 to March '11 due to my wife and I moving to a different house and not having room for it. Then my work schedule also doesn't allow for much if ANY free time lately.

But enough whining and excuses from me, I will working on it every chance I get from now until I finish this segment of the build. I should have new progress to report weekly moving forward.

In about 2 hours I will be making the trip north to rescue my 42's
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