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Default Rocks @ the Mounds

ROCKS @ the Mounds update
The Mounds ORV Advisory Board met last night 26SE06 to discuss the direction of the Mounds now that the millage was passed in August.
Great Lakes 4WD Assn came prepared to present our proposal on behalf of the full size 4WD community on what we were prepared to do to enable us to move forward with the rock course. Our presentation outlined design, location, material specifications, supplier, logistics, and cost. This was a complete package with no cost to Genesee County Parks unless they deemed it a requirement to utilize County workers for contractual reasons.
The Park Director informed us that the Mounds are under Genesee County requirements to follow a multi-phase process for any new development in the Park. This means that they must first hold public hearings to determine if there is a desire to have a rock course. At this hearing they will gather, what we want, where we want it, etc, along with the residents input on issues which may affect them. (i.e. location)
The park staff will then put together a ‘Request for Quote’. Any business or individual meeting the minimum bid requirements will be allowed to quote. The supplier with the minimum bid that meets the specified requirement will get the job.
The park staff informed us that they have request $20,000 for design and specification of a rock crawl course in their DNR Grant for the 2007 budget year. If the DNR stays on track the Director indicated they would start working on the Rock Course Design Proposal mid January 2007. Keep in mind this would just be the money to design the course. The actual request for money for the material for the rock course would not be submitted until DNR budget year 2008.
The Director indicated that they would gladly accept our donation for the rocks but would not anticipate being able to utilize it until the entire process has been followed.
While this sounds a bit disheartening due to the bureaucratic processes that we must follow, the bright side is we have Genesee County Parks Director, the Local Representative of the residents, and the other members of the Mounds ORV Advisory Board are ALL in agreement that this is a great idea for a development in the Mounds and everyone is pushing forward.
I’ll let everyone know when the RFQ goes out for those who might wish to bid on it and when the public hearing will be. I would anticipate first quarter 2007.
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