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April 5th, 2011.

Things I've done since my last update.

- Changed the oil - It was gross and 1 1/2 quarts low
- Ordered/installed a newish Fairing stay.
- Cleaned out the carbs a couple more times.
- Installed an inline fuel filter to keep the fuel float valves from clogging
- Received/installed the new radiator - Still need a Fan switch to go in it.
- Temporarily plugged the fan switch place on the radiator with a bolt and
- Filled up the cooling system with Coolant.
- Took the carbs apart one more time to just to make sure they were clean (they weren't, the fuel petcock has a very sharp nipple that shaves pieces of rubber off the fuel line and they end up in the float bowl valves. That's why I installed the fuel filter)
- Put the front fairing on it's stay with the headlight and Speedo in place.
- Bought some front flush mount turn indicators for the front fairing.

I fired it up after putting everything back together and it started right up. I had the choke down, like usual, and it actually revved when I had the choke on so I took it off and it idled great. Both sides firing and heating up like they should. I let it run like that for about 3 min and then tried the throttle. It bogged down and almost stalled when I got to 4k. Fiddled with the Pilot screws a bit and still nothing. It eventually died. X2.

I haven't synced the carbs yet and I'm hoping that maybe I just need to do that to get it to rev up past 4k. It sounded really good when it was idling though. I was excited! This thing is going to be on the road quicker then I thought!
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