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Originally Posted by dentedvw View Post
Wow, good work on the clearancing for the t case. I have been considering the same on my TJ. I did something similar on my old YJ, but I used a BL. Oh well.
Have a better picture of the hammering you did, top or bottom?

I just helped a buddy replace the drivers floor in his YJ. It was a lot of welding. I did most of it, heh! I wish he had gotten a fiberglass tub instead, but they are a bit spendy. Ah well. Next one, maybe.

I was wondering the same about the seam in the back. From looking at them, there isn't much you can do. Cover with armor, that's about it. The water gets into it from the back side, no matter what.

Im going to clean that pinch weld best I can and weld the bastard shut!

Ill take more pics today of tub mods for belly up, I havnt installed my MML yet. Works without it but has a terrible pinion angle.

You need to get up here for a beer and some leaf springs.

Originally Posted by dentedvw View Post
I sprayed a Rustoleum paint job on a bus, and it's good so far. Well, what I got finished is. I only got about one coat on too. Too much bus, too little time, too windy most days to continue. I started first with a roller, but it was terrible, so I sanded it down and borrowed a large airless sprayer set up. Works well, but a huge PITA to clean. I think I will try with a wagner type sprayer next.
You are on the right track, in my opinion. It's not a show car, it's a jeep. Might as well paint it with something easy to touch up, available at any Menards, and inexpensive. There is enough color possibilities for me.

I have painted 4 trailers with rustoleum(2 enclosed), the first was about 4 years ago and it still looks great.

What I have lerned
-Keep recoating when its sticky to the touch but your finger doesnt leave a mark in the paint.
-Acetone creats the best finish
-Filter....filter...filter, there is a lot of crap in this cheep paint, filter it out.
-Clear doesnt work with rustoleum
-Buffer is your friend, wait few weeks or a month after the car is sprayed and buf the snot out of it.

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