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Default 5.9L Stalling, Wont Idle. Possible mice damage?

My truck is a 02 Ram. 5.9L I drove it for the first time in a couple months this past Friday. I reached my destination after about 20 min. (No issues) I went to leave about 10 min later and my truck started really weak like the battery was dead. It fired up but stalled after a few seconds. I discovered i had to stay on the gas to keep it running. I struggled to get it home, throwing it in neutral at stop lights and reving it up to keep it running.
I thought it was a alternator problem, but i tested it today and its good. I put a new one on it just to see if it made any difference, but it did not change anything. But what i did notice while swapping alternators was some mice shit on top of my motor. Im really hoping mice didnt get into somewhere and really mess stuff up. Any ideas on what might be happening?
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