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Default 2000 xj ftw!

Just bought this XJ off a forum member here near Flint. I just put the plate on it yesterday, and finally get a chance to do a shakedown to see if I got my money's worth.

I started down a seasonal road in our county which can be somewhat moderate at times, good for a shakedown, but today there is about 8 inches of wet icy snow on the trail.

At these coords, I find three trucks with stock tires. F150, Chevy, and an Avalanche.
43 degrees 54' 14.74" N
84 degrees 54' 9.4" W

The Ford in front has spun his tires and glazed the snow. He's stuck in about a 2" depression. The Chevy is in the middle, and can't pull the Ford out, and the Avalanche in back cant get to his friend in front.

To make a long story short, this is a good few miles from any civilization and an inexpesive towing bill, and the odds that I just happen to come by is very good luck for these guys. Look up the coords on Google Earth and you'll see.

After getting them unstuck, they decide to turn around, since there is 3 miles to a road behind them, and unforseen miles of more misery for them on the trail. That in itself was fun to watch on a 2 track road. In the end, all three of them need some winching, and needed an old Cherokee to make some tracks for em. I gave em my number in case they had more touble getting out, which they did fine, and I continued on, and I'm glad they did. That trail was no stocker level. I kept thinking about how much money those three trucks were worth...compared to the pennies I got the XJ for....I definately got my moneys worth.

In the end, made a few freinds, and it was an awesome shakedown of my newly acquired XJ. Hope to see you gents at R&V.

I apologize for the quality of the pix... I didn't want to make these guys feel bad by snapping a bajillion pix with my phone.

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