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Nice list.

Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Helping old ladies cross the street.

I have began, and will continue to use this truck for multiple situations.

1. It's my minivan, It has a lot more room for 4 people in it than my commuter car does. So does a minivan
2. My dog can now go for rides with me without trashing my commuter car that I often have clients and customers in. Use the minivan
3. I own a boat that needs to be towed places from time to time. It doesn't run, therefore no reason to tow it
4. I own a house that I have used the truck to haul things for. Your brother has a truck you can borrow
5. Putting 4 bikes, 4 people, and gear into a grand prix proves to be pretty unpractical.Again, minivan
6. I couldn't get my front wheel drive car out of the neighborhood yesterday, so I drove the 4wd truck for peice of mind.Call in to work like every other union loser would do
7. I do a fair amount of ice fishing, and putting a shanty in the trunk of my car proves to be unpossible.bullshit reason. Buy a folding tent
8. skoots needs to be pulled out of ditches.he's better off in the ditch
9. I have a topper so I can sleep in the bed instead of owning a million dollar RV that I drive less than 3 times a year.Sleeping in the bed of a truck is a stoopid idea. I put over 7000 miles per year on my RV and it keeps the wife happy

Anything else dad? yes, respect your elders
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