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Originally Posted by joe_jeep View Post
3.73 is too tall a gear. thats the whole problem. 32's and 4.10 would be much better. 3.73 is great with 30 inch tires, after that your s.o.l.
you wont need to downshift anymore if geared properly.

you would run 2648 rpm at 70 with 4.56's
you would run 2381 rpm at 70 with 4.10's
you currently run 2160 rpm at 70 with 3.73's

your not building enough power at 2150 rpms to push your brick.
at near 2400 you have considerably more power. your mpg will be much better also.

if you ever plan on 33's 4.56 is the way to go. otherwise go 4.10 and stick with 32's. your gearing will suck with a stroker too. your just geared wrong. its simple math. it never changes.
I agree with every thing ya say.Im thinking that my stroker is gona make way more torque but i dont know if it will make much more at 2200 rpm.i do plan on 33s and i was figureing on 56s or maybe 88s.
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