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Originally Posted by Blazin_wheeler View Post
ok, i need to clear a couple of things up...

i have ez-lockers front and rear in the jeep now, not true tracs like i stated previously, my bad.

my Jeep with the 4.0, 5 spd, 33's and 4.10 gears has plenty of power for running 75+ (i don't usually drive faster than 60 anyways).

the main reason i wanted to go with 35's is because no one in our group has tires larger than 35's and some guys are still on 31's. i don't want to look like i'm trying to show up all my friends on the trail by running 39" tires when i'm going to be limited to trails that are doable on 33's, lol.

in retrospect i guess i should be happy with what i have now, it's just that i ended up with these one ton axles and a clocked dana 300 twin stick for a steal and started thinking about bigger tires. i'm thinking i'll just put the stuff away for a later date when it might be more practical to start considering a larger tire and axle combo and in the meantime run what i have until the 35 breaks and swap in a 8.8 when that happens.
Showing up your buddies with bigger tires is a stupid comment. The jeep belongs to you, what do YOU want to do with it? Maybe you should be the first guy in your group to move to a bigger tire size.

There is nothing wrong with wheeling what you have or even putting 35" tires on your current axles. I ran that combo for years with a 300+ hp SBC powering it. Yes, I broke stuff occasionally but it wasn't like something blew up every time I wheeled.

My suggestion to you stands. If YOU, not your buddies, think you will eventually want to run anything larger than a 36" tire and you are considering upgrades, (and you already own the 60/14 combo) then make the jump.
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