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Default Winch Lines, Extensions & Recovery Ropes

Check out My main goal is to serve the Great Lakes region with locally made products. I offer Amsteel Blue Winch ropes for ATV's and vehicles. I can get any size you want but standard sizes will be 3/16 for ATV's, 5/16 and 3/8 for vehicles. 3/4 and up recovery ropes along with other misc. splicing projects. I am working on getting hooks and tube thimbles as well as other lines for winches.

I can make any length line you want so dont hesitate to ask.

Im also proud and excited to announce the Rope Shackle. Measures 8" end to end. I can make them longer as well.

I just got the test results back on this... It will carry an 8,000 pound WLL which is on par with the majority of 3/8 or 10mm sling hooks currently being used by other companies. Load tested to 20,000 and 25,000 pounds with no signs of slipping or breaking. Failure occured at 34,100 pounds at the base of the knot. If anyone is interested I can post a scan of the certificate. These can be used in place of a D shackle in most instances. There are 2 situations where I dont reccomend this. The 1st is a definite no-no... And that would be on an anchor point that has sharp or 90 degree edges. This needs a smooth radius otherwise it will fail. The 2nd is in a dynamic pull. While I believe it will hold up to its failure rating in a dynamic pull, I only had it tested in a static pull. So if you use it in a dynamic situation I can not and will not guarantee it to its rated limits.

Some of you may have seen the thread I started in the misc. forum...

Synthetic Winch Lines and Recovery ropes - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest

Figured it was time to step up and be able to post in the vendor forum.

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