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Originally Posted by brewmenn
I agree that it's disturbing and offensive to be posting stuff like that on the internet but i don't see the parallel between this and the Abu Gharib photos. What upset people about the Abu Gharib photos wasn't that they were posted, nor even that they were taken in the first place, what upset people was abuses that they showed. In this case if you didn't know that our troops are being gunned down by snipers and blown up by bombs you need to pull you head out of the sand and see whats really happening.

What bothers me most is the apperent eagerness everyone seems to have for throwing away our bill of rights.

And throwing out terms like we are at war, and its treason, is again, misleading. We aren't at war, #1, and if you are advocating that non-government approved speech should be supressed during war, then you need to go to florida, and take a boat a few miles south. Seems more like what you reall ywant from your government.

Want to worry about your kids if they are in the military, then listen to Colin Powell... The policies of this govt are endangering our servicemen. We should all be nervous when your president wants to re-interpret the geneva convention.

Frankly, if there was another that acted like the US, we'd all have our panties in a bunch over what they do..
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