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1350e wont engage 4low

Ok this is a problem I created so Im looking for some help.

My 90 Bronco2 had a stock 2.9/a4ld/1350e drivetrain in it up till a few weeks ago. I swapped in a complete 87 spec Mustang efi 5.0, made my own harness so everything looks and works as if were factory.I also put in a built C4 and I reused the original 1350e t-case.I wanted to keep the same t-case just for the fact that I like the push button setup to keep it looking stock and I have many spares.
Now I can push 4high at anytime and it will engage no problem , but when I try 4low the button just flashes. My c4 doesnt use any kind of VSS so Im wondering if that is what the 4wd module is looking for or could it be something else from the a4ld it needs to read to engage low gear?

ANy help would be greatful!!
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